So in this video, I will be comparing the #GalaxyS21 against the #iPhone12Mini in a camera test. I'll be testing the wide, ultrawide, and 'telephoto' cameras, ...
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    1. It's totally strange for me to say this but, the samsung actually looks better in the video as well as in the photo department, not the night time video tho, the samsung phone was just bad, but who actually shoots at night.

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    2. Yo both phones do great job.. Samsung having a slight edge this time around. The dynamic range seems to be better in my opinion. They do need to fix the low light "shake". Seemed to struggle on that a bit.. Yooo, that portrait video is on point though 😱

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    3. For video : iPhone 12
      For photo : very similar
      For me : iPhone 12

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    4. Do S21 vs iphone 21 pro as well

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