Google Passage Ranking Live, Search & Image Algo Updates, News/Discover Manual Actions & Dark Theme

This was one heck of a busy week, so sit back, get a drink and enjoy the show (okay, it won’t be that exciting of a show but you should still subscribe and smash that like button). Google launched passage ranking on Wednesday night, this is where Google can rank specific passages from a document, well, it went live in the US English results, not globally, as they said but it still should be a big deal. Google may have released an unconfirmed update around February 8th, this is unrelated to passage indexing rolling out. Google announced that back in November 2020 it released an image update aimed at reducing duplicate images and improving image refinements. Google launched a whole new set of manual actions, or penalties, aimed at Google News and Google Discover. Google is still rolling out dark themes, with a big push this week, but the ads on dark mode are so hard to notice. Google said it can recognize if a site has a good reputation in a specific topic area. …

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