Google Said It Won’t Penalize Your Site For Missing Logos, Menu Links Or Footers

Google’s John Mueller said Google does not have manual action penalties for building sites that are missing logos, or missing the menu links at the top or even the footers at the bottom.

John said on Twitter “I’m not aware of any manual actions / penalties that we’d apply for lack of those items. Sometimes minimal, old, simplified, or even ugly pages rank well, sometimes that also changes over time.”

Missing these items is not a great thing, as John pointed out, he said “it feels like you’d be leaving open room for competition by being suboptimal.”

John added that “badly made pages can appear in search, sometimes even without us seeing the content (eg, blocked by robots.txt). That doesn’t mean it’s optimal though. I don’t think there’s a single “optimal” either, so you may have to try out what works well for your particular site.”

Here are those tweets:

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