motivation #marriage #Relationship WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL. #parentingfemalechild #sexeducation DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A TRUE LIFE STORY …

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    1. The little girl need love… sad💔🤦🏻

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    2. Sending her out of the house because of protecting their position in church is very wrong. Christianity in Africa is not Christ like. Now that she needs them the most.

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    3. Sis this jalavia is beautiful may be a lil tight on the chest, you can open it a bit.
      Before I deflowered I thought the bed will be full of blood ooo but I got a lil stain. No matter how many women deflowered young, we must encourage young women that it's possible to keep their dignity because other people have done it too. The 21st century is not a yardstick to lose all morals, as parents, we should try our best to educate our kids, expose them, pray for them and leave the rest for God. As for the parent.. They shouldn't cut her off..she is not a write-off.

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    4. Our Africa parents is just too over protective and their over protecting makes the girls child always mess up😭 I pray this generation won’t be so🙏 mama you’re glowing 🥰

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    5. The girls parents are careless, that’s just it. I have a daughter of 5 yr and a3yr old son and have started talking to them about sex education appropriate for their ages

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