Impactful SEO Audits for B2B

A comprehensive audit of your B2B website can mean the difference between winning new clients and losing them to the competition. In this brand new episode of Whiteboard Friday, guest host Carly Schoonhoven walks you through four areas that can take your audits to the next level.

Anatomy of a Perfect Pitch Email

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Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. My name is Carly Schoonhoven, and I’m a Senior SEO Manager at Obility. We’re a B2B digital marketing agency here in Portland, Oregon. Now if you work for an agency, you know that sometimes a really valuable SEO audit can be the difference between winning over a client and losing out to someone else.

So something I sometimes struggle with is how to level up your basic SEO audit into something that’s really impactful for a B2B company that is in need of a long-term, strategic plan. Now when I’m talking about an SEO audit, I’m…

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