Noob Tries To Fix Broken Samsung Phone

My broken Samsung Galaxy S10e needs fixing! Let’s give it a shot! ⚙️ Hardware in this video: Samsung Galaxy S10e: S10e Digitizer …

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    1. Get a new battery since you have it open

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    2. "The 3.5mm headphone jack was removed next" …quite literally.

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    3. Careful if you do this again to not use the metal pry tool under the battery, even when you're super careful it's possible to accidentally slice the thin plastic that houses the cell and it can catch on fire/explode once exposed to oxygen. I used a credit card shaped plastic card for that part when I did this for a living. They're pretty cheap and do the job way more safely

      Well done on the job otherwise though! Don't feel bad about the glass back, it happens A LOT with Samsung phones

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    4. I have a s10e! Very informative video and great content! Brw s10e is a beast!!

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