Pinterest Closes In On TikTok & Snapchat with +37% Monthly Users

Not sure whether your brand will find an audience on Pinterest?

New figures from the visual social network suggest it’s easier than ever before, as monthly average users (MAUs) have increased 37% globally.

Although U.S. Pinterest users have grown slower than its international audience, Americans remain the primary source of Pinterest’s revenue and a goldmine of opportunity for marketers to reach and inspire new audiences.

Pinterest reported $582M in Q4 2020 revenue from the U.S., and an additional $123M worldwide.

With growth in every quarter, Pinterest grew its revenue from just over $1B in 2019 to $1.69B for 2020.

Pinterest revenue 2020

Pinterest’s Popularity Now Rivals TikTok & Snapchat

Pinterest has done well since taking the platform public on 18th April 2019, finishing out Q4 2020 with 98 million U.S. MAUs.

That marks a rate of growth of 46% internationally and 11% in the U.S over last year.

Pinterest Q4 US MAU 2020

This active user volume puts Pinterest in the same popularity realm as TikTok, which was reported to have

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