SAMSUNG GALAXY BUDS PRO vs APPLE AIRPODS PRO: An Audio Engineer's Review and Comparison

Song notes: – Bloodstream: On the Galaxy Buds Pro there is a wider stereo spread which can be heard in the reverb, synth, and airy top end. The hi-hat can be a …

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    1. Lol he is sponsored by samsung so i don't belive him

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    2. Am I the only one where Left and Right was inversed at 7:10 ?

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    3. Amazing review. It's great to be able to hear the difference instead of just taking a reviewer's word on it.

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    4. Thank you for this video I was looking for something like this.
      As a DJ and music lover I prefer the sound on Buds…
      I don't use wireless earphones to enjoy in my music because none of "cheap" devices such are those could please my taste.
      I use them to have the best features that I need wile I'm driving, working, exercising and so on as it means the best ANC, Ambient sound, mic quality with nice software integration.
      So at the end I choose AirPods over the Buds but I'm happy to see how technology grows up with big guys competing.

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