Galaxy Note 21 may not happen but Samsung 200MP Camera will. ZTE AXON 30 Pro 5G, Samsung's new new pop up rotating camera system, Galaxy A82, ...
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    1. Samsung brings so much surprises this year. 🔥

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    2. Lol, they are mind-screwing us with this over the top camera nonsense. Hey phone manufacturers and developers, here’s an idea…..with what you are charging for these phones how about we start at least TRYING to go next level with some of the MANY applications and other aspects of these phones BESIDES the camera(s)???!! The future awaits your response ……

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    3. This doesn't make sense. The S21 Ultra's camera sensor is 108mp and larger. So how can the new sensor be 200mp and smaller with larger pixels? It's like saying the ppi of a 4k phone is lower than the ppi of a bigger 1440p phone. Just doesn't make sense at all. More pixels in a smaller area = smaller pixels. What am I missing?

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