The PS5 Is Better Than The Xbox Series X In This Category

The 4K Bluray player in the PS5 is better than the Xbox Series X player. Let’s discuss. Become a ReviewTechUSA Member: …

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    1. your focus leds seen back leds tvs u must stand upside on your front leds

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    2. Ps5 running games low settings when Xbox running everything high

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    3. I mean… why would you need HDMI 2.1 for 4K Blu-rays? With HDMI 2.0 you can easily do 4K/60 with Dolby Vision.

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    4. Interesting topic. But I’m actually the rare breed of dude that actually has some DVD’s and Blu-ray 📀… so these things can matter… both consoles are probably capable of meeting my needs

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    5. Can't tell between the two if Iam playing them. Only notice if I watch digital foundry vids. Pretty sure the average user won't notice a difference for games any way. Blue Ray not sure haven't watched Blue Ray DVDs since I don't even remember. Both are a good deal

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