The Ultimate Binge-Worthy Content Recipe: Add One Part Hollywood

Remember when Jennifer Beals leapt through her ballet audition, or when we wanted to phone home with E.T. or… oh, too 80s? Okay, how about when Spider-Man shot spiderwebs out of his fingers or Wonder Woman shielded incoming bullets with her gladiator cuff bracelets?

We all love to get lost in a great story. And when we are introduced to a compelling character on screen, on stage or on the page, we do just that. Step into their shoes or leg warmers or jet and explore a different world—face seemingly insurmountable obstacles and come out victorious. We love to learn from someone we can root for and with whom we can go along on the ride.

That is narrative transport. Consumers want it in their Netflix shows and they even want in your marketing content. They want to see how other people—real or composite—solve their problems, face their challenges, come out victorious and live their best lives.

A screenplay is re-written an average of 33 times before going into production. Who has…

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