Which Gaming Side-Quest Was The Biggest Waste Of Time?

Bonus points for tailing side-quests. #ChattyFaces #GTAViceCity #BatmanArkham For more awesome content, check out: Catch …

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    1. Remember kids: If anybody offers you Nirnroot, just say NO!

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    2. The Gadoid mission in Dying Light

      I knew we weren't gonna see any aliens but that pathetic excuse for a gun you get as a reward, oh my God I wish that dude wasn't in asafe house, id kick his head in

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    3. Mages in Skyrim do suck ass. I've never got a dedicated magic user over level 20 or there abouts. Just such an underpowered class at early stages and yeah, the college missions are pretty dull.

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    4. omg i couldnt stabnd the gta helicopter mission it was maddening

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