Why is PS5 & Xbox Series X STILL So Hard To Get and Find? PS5 Scalping Getting WORSE? 2021

PS5 vs Xbox series x – doesnt matter, both are SO HARD to find and buy in 2021. When can you buy a ps5 easily in 2021? Waiting for ps5 restock 2021 and …

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    1. This is a new problem in gaming and a dangerous tactic!!

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    2. Hey buddy try using Walmart online website that’s where I got my series x on Black Friday

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    3. If you want either console, go for the Series X!!! The PS5 is harder to get from my experience.

      I gave up on the ps5 after 2 months of trying to get the console and started looking at the Xbox series X. This was because the scalping rates was £100 above retail for the series X (lowest price). Whereas the Ps5 was about £200-£250 above retail. I did this with the theory that less people would be scalping the Xbox because of the lower profit margin. I used twitter and a stock checker website which literally has an alarm for when stock turns up. The website is slower than twitter by about 1 minute (I have linked the website I used below).

      After two weeks of missing drops by 5 minutes, I happened to be next to my phone when there was on today and I managed to get an Xbox Series X. I didn't research when there was going to be a drop, I just allowed my phone notify me.

      Twitter in the end allowed me to get one before they vanished.

      I will get a PS5 as well in the distant future, either next year or when they release a smaller model lol. You will get one, just don't give the scalpers a penny, it is the best feeling knowing you did not have to succumb to their greed.

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