Xbox Series X More Powerful Than PS5 – No Surprise There | PS5 vs Xbox Series X Specs

Xbox Series X Is More Powerful Than PS5 – No Surprise There | PS5 vs Xbox Series X Specs. Some still have doubts about Xbox Series X power advantage …

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    1. PS5 better than Xbox series X? No surprise there.

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    2. No matter what kind of hardware advantage Xbox series X may have over ps5 it will either be that ps5 will win some face offs series x will win some face offs but mostly it will be the same but I guarantee you that ps5 exclusives will leap from any exclusives series x will produce just look at the medium compare it to returnal anyone can clearly see the difference and that's the early stuff even demons souls looks more next gen than the medium and that's a launch title next gen is not just graphics ps5 also has the only next gen controller

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    3. I swear these Sony fankids are more of a cult of flat out lying nut cases than a fanbase. Good grief! I've never seen such insanity. You made them absolutely snap with this title/video, Madz… Unreal. lol

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    4. No Madz its not that simple, but i know you want it to be…

      XSX will definately win every workload where you have to run 4 games in parallel like a server, as that is the primary design focus, with extended shader arrays to keep 4 blocks of shader ararys to run 4 games.

      XSX will also be very good at parallel compute workloads, so will win some there.

      For traditional 1440p60 console games ps5 will stay marginally ahead or same IMO, as you cant change XSX hardware/

      For Nanite Ue5 and small triangles, ps5 will also have an advantage, so its going to be a long gen until refreshes come out.

      IF XSX had been designed for console only, no server consideration at all, it would of had 6 shader arrays and we would not be having this thread. XSX would of been like a low clock 6800 with 4 CU disabled, but it is not that design.
      Its not the same situation like it was with ps4pro and onex…
      you cant just its better because of higher numbers…🙄

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    5. Xbox has no games Bahahahaha!

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