You are Charging your Phone completely Wrong. Thereby killing the Battery and the Phone.

Our smartphones literally run marathons the entire time they are in use. We shut down our computers but never give a break to our phones. This means they …

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    1. Useful information Rajiv! 👍🏻
      I wish you would've also covered the point, of how to unplug the adaptor after charging. Either by directly removing the jack from the port while the power is on OR first switch the power off before unplugging the jack.
      Myth or Fact?

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    2. Subscribed to the legend 🙂

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    3. If you are a heavy user, don't even bother charging. Nayi battery khareed lo jab purani wali kharab ho jaye.

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    4. Dont use your phone while charging is absolutely nonsense..

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