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Every now and then bloggers and webmasters sort for the best hosting and domain company hence i have decided to do a little review of namecheap and why i think it’s a company worth the try.

Namecheap Domain

As a blogger, i have managed roughly 5 websites although domain names were never a problem, namecheap seemed to have made the process a bit better.

and here are the few things i enjoyed about there domain services

Domain privacy
Cheap priced domains

Namecheap Hosting 

Have I ever been disappointed by a host? Yes, a lot of times but Namecheap solved the common problems but then advanced ones come out such as high CPU etc. I guess it had to do with my themes and plugins.

But the pricing of namecheap hosting whether shared, easywp, vps or dedicated is affordable and they are one of the best for Nigerians.


Embattled NDDC Minister, Akpabio who during a Q&A section with the legislatures, made an allegation of about 60% of contracts being awarded legislatures has cried out and claimed he was misunderstood.

However, the presidency has dissolved the board of NDDC as a result of the recommendation made by the senate.