Wealthiest People in Hong Kong (May 3, 2023) (ceoworld.biz)

Wealthiest People in Hong Kong (May 3, 2023)


dollars, followed byRobin Zeng (No. 2, 34.4 billion),Lee Shau Kee (No. 3, 29.6 billion) and Peter Woo (No. 4, 15.9 billion).

Lui Che Woo is the fifthrichest person in Hong Kong, with a whopping 14.9 billion.

As of May 3, 2023, Li Kashing was the wealthiest person in Hong Kong, with an estimated net worth of 37.5 billion U.S.

Xu Hang ranked 6th with a personal wealth of 14.8 billion, followed by Kwong Siuhing with 14.5 billion.Joseph Lau is placed 8th with a net worth of 13.2 billion.Gong Hongjia (11.0 billion) occupied the 9th position among the top 10wealthiest people in Hong Kong.


Li Kashing 37.5 billionRobin Zeng 34.4 billionLee Shau Kee 29.6 billionPeter Woo 15.9 billionLui Che Woo 14.9 billionXu Hang 14.8 billionKwong Siuhing 14.5 billionJoseph Lau 13.2 billionGong Hongjia amp family 11.0 billionFrancis Choi 8.2 billionLaw Kar Po 7.0 billionLi Ping 6.9 billionMichael Kadoorie 6.2 billionZhou Qunfei 5.9 billionRuan Liping 5.8 billionRuan Xueping 5.8 billionWu Jianshu 5.3 billionRichard Li 4.6 billionPansy Ho 3.7 billionSamuel Tak Lee 3.7 billionEdwin Leong 3.6 billionTung Chee Chen 3.6 billionHuang Yi 3.5 billionPatrick Lee 3.4 billionNeil Shen 3.2 billion

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