Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing is now public (

Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing is now public


This means that anyone can try the new Bing and Edge simply by signing into Bing with their Microsoft account.

In a blog post announcing the new Bing access, Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, said that the new AI powered Bing andEdge were created to reinvent the future of search.

To bring better search results, answers to questions, the ability to create and compose, and to do all these with a new level of ease of use by being able to chat in natural language.

He said, Bing combines powerful large language models like Open AIs GPT4 with our immense search index for results that are current, cited and conversational something you cant get anywhere else but on Bing.

These include

Integration of Bing Image Creator into the new Bing chat

This makes Bing the only search engine that has the ability to generate both written and visual contents in one place from within chat

Expanding Image Creator to all the over 100 languages in Bing.

This helps users to je able to easily share their conversations with others on social media.

Three monthsago, Microsoft unveiled the new AI powered Microsoft Bing and Edge.

In 90 days, Microsoft claims that users have engaged in over half a billion chats and created over 200 million images with Bing Image Creator.


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