How African digital creators are leading job growth and economic progress in 2023 (

How African digital creators are leading job growth and economic progress in 2023


In second place are 36.8 of creators that cite the need for an expert as a driving factor. The remaining motives are many clients/customers to engage (7.8), Grown, and Ive gotten too busy (7.3), others (3.4), and the desire to give back to society (1.1).

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Commenting on the job creation trend championed by digital creators on the continent, Douglas Kendyson CEO of Selar, told Technext, Before this research survey was even a thing, a pattern we had seen from personal interactions with our creators was that so many of them didnt work alone, at least all the time, especially the most successful ones.

Both require a comprehensive knowledge of digital creation, a skill not all digital entrepreneurs have.

The study further revealed some major reasons why outsourcing work is becoming the norm for digital creators.

From the over 2,000 creators that participated in a survey, 43.6 claim not having enough time to do all tasks prompted them to get hired help.

The African Creator Economy And The Future of Work a report commissioned by Selar provides more insights into how online entrepreneurs have become employers of labour.

The study claims more than 1 in 4 digital creators have hired someone to collaborate on projects.


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