In July, Kenya will launch "the cheapest smartphone in Africa" (

In July, Kenya will launch "the cheapest smartphone in Africa"


Within six to 19 months, we will have moved 80 of all services onto the digital platform and ensure that Kenyans can access government services from the comfort of their home,” says Ruto.

These “manufactured in Kenya” smartphones will ensure that all Kenyans can access digital platforms for personal use, business and accessing government services. “It will be a smartphone that can do everything you want,” he assured.

It will also boost smartphone penetration in the country, it currently stands at about 56.3 pdf, according to the Communications Authority of Kenya.

In addition to the smartphones, the government says it will lay around 52 of the 100,000 km of anticipated fibre optic cable the other 80 will be completed by the private sector.

Weve partnered with the private sector to ensure in the next two months, we can roll out our first consignment of lowcost smartphones, according to Eliud Owalo, the country’s ICT cabinet secretary.

Kenya’s President, William Ruto first disclosed the country’s plan to locally produce smartphones last November.


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