Apple needs to prove why its mixed reality headset matters (

Apple needs to prove why its mixed reality headset matters


But this time, it likely won’t have a completed product meant for mainstream users. (Admittedly, the iPhone took a few years to transform into something more compelling with the addition of 3G and the App Store.) Instead, well probably see an appeal to developers to help build its mixed reality ecosystem, and for consumers to have faith that it’ll eventually be more affordable and truly useful.

Reporting from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman points to Apple’s mixed reality headset potentially called the Reality One or Reality Pro being a 3,000 device with a focus on gaming, exercise and productivity.

A headset, by its very definition, would have to be an allconsuming product, a persistent reminder that you’re seeing the world through Apple’s eyes.

At its WWDC keynote on Monday, Apple will need to make the case for its mixed reality headset as deftly as Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone and iPod.

Additionally, Gurman notes that there will be a Digital Crown, similar to the Apple Watch, that can transition the headset from fully immersive VR into mixed reality, which will combine the digital interface with the real world using onboard cameras.


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