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Most Profitable Crochet Items To Sell For A Successful Crochet Business

Most Profitable Crochet Items To Sell For A Successful Crochet Business
Written by Okosun John

If you want to make money crocheting, it’s helpful to know the most profitable crochet items i.e what sells best so you can focus your efforts on items that will give you the best return on your time and effort.

If you want to make money crocheting, it’s helpful to know the most profitable crochet items i.e what sells best so you can focus your efforts on items that will give you the best return on your time and effort.

Here we will talk about the most profitable crochet items to sell in order to have a successful crochet business, plus tips on how to market them successfully.

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7 Most Profitable Crochet Items to Sell

Are you a crochet enthusiast looking for a way to make some extra money? If so, you’re in luck! There are many items that you can crochet and sell for a profit.

Here are seven of the most profitable crochet items to sell;

  • Shawls
  • Blankets
  • Hats
  • Baby items
  • Belts
  • Scarves
  • Jewelry

1. Crocheted shawls

Have you ever heard someone say they need a shawl? It’s true. People love them because they look great with any outfit and provide protection from cold weather without adding bulk like a coat would do in wintertime, They also look nice with shorts in warmer months!

Shawls offer protection from wind or cold weather, making them perfect for both winter and summer months. Plus, they look great with any outfit.

To make a shawl, you will need around 450 yards of bulky weight yarn, and depending on how large you want your finished product to be, there’s plenty of room for creativity with different styles and techniques.

For example, this crocheted shawl is made with only two skeins of Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Thick & Quick Yarn–so it’s a fast project and won’t cost you much at all to complete. And at $38.00 per skein (or less) these shawls are quick sellers! One skein will make three adult-sized shawls so the investment is minimal. You can also make children’s sizes too by using smaller hooks and thinner yarn.

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2. Crocheted blankets

Blankets offer protection from rain or sunburns (especially when camping), keep kids warm while watching TV on chilly evenings, or serve as additional seating when entertaining guests on cool summer nights. But not every crochet blanket has to be huge.

Many people prefer small lap blankets, which measure approximately 36 x 45. These little beauties work up quickly using just one ball of bulky yarn and typically cost under $20.00.

Not everyone who crochets enjoys making blankets. In fact, a lot of people feel like they can never finish a large project, so they often get discouraged and give up. If you fall into that category, don’t worry; there are plenty of things to crochet for money that won’t take as long.

Additionally, if you’re not much of a blanket person but enjoy crocheting other items (bags or clothing), there are still plenty of ways you can turn your hobby into cold hard cash.

3. Crocheted hats

Hats make excellent gifts in both winter and summer months, whether they be beanies or visors designed for warmth or a decorative sun hat with an attached veil. Men especially love these accessories because it is difficult to find them at the store.

Furthermore, hats can also function as protective gear for various outdoor activities such as fishing or motorcycle riding. They provide insulation against the wind and even block harmful UV rays from the sun.

Similar to blankets, these accessories require minimal effort and can be completed within hours. A basic beanie pattern takes less than half an hour, while more intricate designs may require several hours of labor depending on their size and complexity level.

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Pricing depends largely on what type of yarn is used in addition to how many rows are created per inch along the length of the hat.

4. Baby items

You can find a ton of patterns for baby booties and hats that are quick, cute and profitable. And don’t forget about sweaters.

Babies grow out of their clothing so fast that you won’t even have time to miss your finished project if you place it in an Etsy shop right away–you’ll likely be selling another before you finish your next item!

Baby items such as blankets, booties, hats, bibs and sweaters will always sell well because babies grow out of them so quickly. The best part is that they’re usually fairly easy to make which means they won’t take up too much of your time or stress level.

With the holidays coming up, there’s no better time to start crocheting some baby items!

5. Belts

With belts being worn by men, women and children alike these days, there is no shortage of opportunity for creative crafters who enjoy designing accessories. Again, a beginner could whip up a basic belt in no time, but to really maximize profits, you should branch out and try something new.

A handmade belt with leather and metal accents, for instance, takes a bit more skill than your average project but will attract customers of all ages. That type of belt can take anywhere from 5 to 20 hours to create and costs around $100-$200. Your reward for such patience is at least double what you’d get for making a simple knit belt!

6. Scarves

Warm weather is fast approaching, and it’s a good idea to be prepared. Scarves are a simple crochet project that anyone can make in a few hours. This pattern for crocheted infinity scarves is so popular that it has over 2,000 views!

Once you know how to make these crochet items, you can easily sell them for $10 each or higher. That means you could potentially turn your work into a six-figure business if the demand is high enough. It also means you have some handmade gifts ready for the holidays!

7. Jewelry

Even if you’re completely inexperienced with jewelry design, there are still plenty of ways to produce quality pieces on your own. Take a look at this tutorial for an infinity necklace–it looks beautiful and professional!

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This pattern can be followed with any color of yarn, and it’s perfect for the upcoming spring season. Depending on how long you make your chains, you can make a shorter or longer necklace that hangs around your neck.

All of these items are quick and easy to crochet, so it’s never too late to start!

Tips to Market A Crochet Business

There are many factors to consider when marketing a crochet business. You’ll need to identify your target audience, what needs or wants your product satisfies, and how to reach those potential customers. You’ll also need to create a branding strategy that sets you apart from the competition.

Here are a few tips to get you started on creating a crochet-specific marketing plan:

  • Identify where your market is (local? online?)
  • Determine who your target customer is (examples: baby boomers, pet owners)
  • Decide on which channels you want to use to promote your products (blogs? social media? physical shops?)
  • Create an original design for yourself and your business that differentiates you from other crocheters – Look at industry leaders in the field of crochet to see what they’re doing right (examples: Amy Herzog and Johanna Basford)
  • Study successful businesses in other industries to see if there are any lessons you can apply to your own company . And don’t forget about offline marketing techniques like attending trade shows and conferences, making local connections with people in your area, and advertising in magazines.
  • The most profitable items to sell for a successful crochet business are custom made items. Find out what people would like created for them before even starting to advertise so you can be confident about ordering materials upfront.

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