Why Alumni Are More Than Just Former Students: Understanding Their Significance

Why Alumni Are More Than Just Former Students: Understanding Their Significance

It is essential to dig deeper and unravel the hidden truths behind common perceptions. 


One such perception is that alumni are merely former students who have graduated from a particular institution. 

While this definition is not entirely incorrect, it is a shallow understanding of the significance of alumni. 

In reality, alumni are more than just former students. 

They are a vital part of the institution’s legacy, and their contributions extend beyond the walls of the campus. 

In this article, we will explore why alumni are more than just former students and why their significance should not be overlooked.

Roles of Alumni

These are all fantastic methods for alumni to help their former university:

Financial support through donations: 

Alumni can donate money to the institution to fund scholarships, research projects, and brand-new campus amenities.

Mentoring and providing guidance to current students: 

Alumni can provide guidance and advice to current students, helping them navigate their academic and professional paths.

Offering internships and job shadowing opportunities: 

Alumni may connect current students with internship and job shadowing opportunities to help them gain practical experience in their chosen professions.

Networking with potential employers for students: 

Alumni can help connect current students with potential employers, expanding their professional networks.

Serving as guest speakers in classes and at events: 

Alumni can appear as special guests in lectures and at events, presenting their knowledge and perspectives to the campus community.

Providing feedback on campus policies and programs: 

Alumni suggestions on school policies and initiatives can help the university choose its future course.

Participating in alumni association activities and events: 

Alumni can take part in activities and events hosted by alumni associations to keep in touch with their alma mater and other alumni.

Recruiting new students: 

Alumni can help recruit new students to the university, sharing their positive experiences and promoting the university’s strengths.

Promoting the university’s achievements and successes in personal and professional networks: 

Alumni may help spread the word and improve the university’s reputation by highlighting its accomplishments and triumphs within their personal and professional networks.

Serving as ambassadors for the university to prospective students and donors: 

Alumni may represent the university in a positive light to potential donors and students by highlighting its advantages.

Organizing reunions and other alumni events: 

Alumni can organize reunions and other alumni events, bringing together former classmates and strengthening alumni connections.

Volunteering time and expertise in various campus initiatives: 

Alumni can volunteer their time and expertise in various campus initiatives, contributing to the university community in meaningful ways.

Providing financial support for scholarships and research programs: 

Alumni can contribute money to research projects and scholarships, making it possible for younger generations of students to benefit from the same possibilities as they did.

Sponsoring and supporting athletic programs and events: 

Athletic activities and events can be sponsored and supported by alumni, fostering an engaging and active campus community.

Establishing endowments for the university: 

Alumni can create endowments for the institution, leaving a permanent legacy that will support its purpose and objectives for future generations.

Assisting in the development of new campus facilities: 

Alumni can support the development of new campus structures, ensuring that the school has the resources to provide a top-notch education.

Serving as trustees and advisors for the university: 

Alumni can serve as trustees and advisors for the university, providing valuable guidance and leadership.

Engaging in alumni mentorship programs: 

Alumni can participate in initiatives that advise current students as they make their way through their academic and professional lives.

Contributing to the university’s research and academic programs: 

Alumni can assist the advancement of new knowledge and the university’s goal by contributing to its academic and research activities.

Providing industry-specific expertise: 

Alumni who have gained experience and knowledge in specific industries can provide valuable expertise to university departments or initiatives. For example, alumni working in the tech industry can offer guidance to computer science students or faculty on emerging technologies.

Supporting diversity and inclusion efforts: 

Alumni may help diversity and inclusion initiatives by supporting minority organizations on campus through financing, mentoring, and advocacy.

Contributing to the arts and culture on campus: 

Alumni with a background in the arts might fund theater performances, art exhibits, music concerts, and other activities to promote the university’s cultural life.

Creating scholarship funds or fellowships: 

To help students who may not otherwise be able to finance a university education or to assist graduate students who are pursuing higher degrees, alumni might establish scholarship funds or fellowships.

Supporting sustainability initiatives: 

Alumni can support sustainability initiatives on campus by providing funding or volunteering their time to help implement environmentally-friendly practices and reduce the university’s carbon footprint.

Serving as mentors for new graduates: 

Alumni can offer advice and assistance to recent graduates as they enter the industry, assisting them in overcoming the difficulties of beginning their careers.

There are a variety of methods for alumni to help their alma mater.

Alumni have the power to significantly affect the institution and its students, whether it is via monetary support, mentorship, volunteering, or lobbying.

US-based professor donates $1m to UI College of Medicine

Dr. Philip Ozuah, a graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan (CoMUI), who now lives in the US, has given $1 million to the college’s new hostel building fund.

During the second anniversary of the current administration of Professor Olayinka Omigbodun, the college’s first female provost, Dr. Ozuah, who received her degree in 1985, made the announcement. Additionally, he gave the keynote address, “From Initiative to Finishiative: An Academic Journey.”

A joint statement from the college and the Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association (ICOMAA) Worldwide claims that some recent events at the college were misrepresented, particularly on social media, and that an accurate account of the events was required in light of the false information being spread.

College of Medicine, University of Ibadan MBBS/BDS Class of 89 Donates $30,000 towards New Student Hostel Building Project.

During the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association (ICOMAA) North America Branch, the MBBS/BDS Class of 1989 from the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan donated $30,000 toward the construction of a new student hostel. 

The Provost of the College enthusiastically accepted the gift, expressed his gratitude, and invited additional alumni to contribute to the hostel’s construction. 

The contribution will be used to solve the issue of insufficient student housing on the grounds of University College Hospital.

Alumni Association donates N40m to UI College of Medicine

The Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association, 1982 set, has donated N40 million to support a hostel building project at the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. 

The Coordinator, Prof. Folasade Akinsola, presented the cheque to the Provost, Prof. Olayinka Omigbodun, at the 40th Anniversary/Reunion Lecture. 

The donation was to “top up” the N1 million earlier donated to the college three years ago. 

The event also included a lecture on how to venture into medical business.

LAUTECH Alumni donates 1000-seater civic centre to campus

The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology’s global alumni association has provided a state-of-the-art civic center with 1,000 seats as well as scholarships for the top graduating students. 

Seyi Makinde, the governor of Oyo State, praised the alumni association’s plans for growth in support of their alma mater. 

Several dignitaries, including Chief Jide Bewaji, chairman of the Alumni Association’s Board of Trustees, attended the commissioning ceremony.

10 Colleges (USA) Where the Most Alumni Donate

Because successful graduates are more likely to support their alma mater, the average alumni giving rate is taken into account when determining the U.S. News Best Colleges rankings. 

The piece also emphasizes how important sources of income for institutions might come from alumni donations. Alumni donations to American institutions in 2019 reached more than $11 billion. 

Along with the U.S. News rank and category of each school, the list of 10 colleges also includes the two-year average percentage of alumni donors from 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. 

With an average alumni giving rate of 55% over two years, Princeton University leads the list.


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