Jemima Osunde leads as Sight Of Flavors hits airwaves in May (

Jemima Osunde leads as Sight Of Flavors hits airwaves in May

I just did not know what the central theme would be what I would shoot that people would watch or at least something I would enjoy shooting.

Also, with the show, she has started a journey to write her version of the Green Book.

The Green Book is a travel guide published (193667) during the segregation era in the United States that identified businesses that would accept African American customers.

Good food, travel, fun activities of my choice, experiencing my beautiful country Nigeria and the best part is that I will be doing it with a fan.

Follow me as I treat one fan to an all expense paid trip every week and the opportunity to feature in my show.

I am so excited as this is going to be so much fun, Jemima concluded.

The show will be airing on Africa Magic Family, TVC, NTA Network, AMC, ITV, Abuja, ABS Awka and more.

It will also be available on demand on My Eatery App.

Compiled by Victor Hugo Green (18921960), a Black postman who lived in New York City, the Green Book listed a variety of businessesfrom restaurants and hotels to beauty salons and drugstoresthat were necessary to make travel comfortable and safe for African Americans in the period before passage of Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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Meanwhile, if the Green Book was written in Africa, a good number of places would have made a whole chapter.

I am going to be combining a few things I love.

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