For Kingsley Moghalu, the ‘worldview’ man at 60 (

For Kingsley Moghalu, the ‘worldview’ man at 60


I have had the privilege of interacting with him a few times and by the quality of his thought, his passion to see his country matter in the international arena, and the value he consistently offers in the public sphere, he is a national treasure.

This was a refreshingly different narrative in a society where the office of the president is often seen as the ultimate elevation in the political hierarchy or the vortex of national cake allocation.

Perhaps the most interesting highlight of our relationship till date was his acceptance to deliver the 2022 Babcock University Convocation Lecture.

On completion of the assignment, I had expressed my position that I believed that Prof would do the best job because he had, more than others, spoken and written more consistently about the proposed themes of the lecture Knowledge, Vision, Passion and Innovation in the Context of Nigerias Development.


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