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10 Ways To Prevent Blisters When Hiking Long Distances


With a big 3day hiking adventure in Italy coming up in June and a few more long practice hikes in between I need to completely get to grips with how to prevent blisters when hiking long distances if I dont want my feet to be in literal shreds.

Blisters are the most common hiking injury and whilst theyre not exactly major serious, they are incredibly uncomfortable, and they do run the risk of getting infected if not treated correctly.

Combine all three, and youve got no hope

Knowing how badly I suffered from blisters on my last long hike, I need to make sure it doesnt happen again in Italy.

The three main factors that cause blisters are FrictionMoistureHeat

Unfortunately, all of these occur very easily when walking for long periods of time, and it only takes one of them to cause a blister.


    • 1. Wear The Right Footwear
    • 2. Make Sure Your Shoes Fit You Properly
    • 3. Tie Your Laces Correctly
    • 4. Socks Make All The Difference
    • 5. Break Your Shoes In
    • 6. Remove Debris
    • 7. Blister Tape
    • 8. Keep Your Feet Dry
    • 9. Let Your Feet Breathe
    • 10. After Care


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