Why Sudan conflict could impact global fizzy drink and candy makers (www.howwemadeitinafrica.com)

Why Sudan conflict could impact global fizzy drink and candy makers


And according to the countrys central bank figures, it is one of the countrys primary foreign currency earners, with exports totalling 88,000 tonnes in 2021 and earning the country US110 million in that year.

For companies like Pepsi and Coke, they cant exist without having gum arabic in their formulations, said Dani Haddad, marketing and development director of Agrigum, a global topten supplier, adding that there is no alternative to gum arabic in fizzy drinks, where it prevents ingredients from separating.

Nearly a month since armed conflict began between rival factions of the military government of Sudan, efforts by the international community to broker a truce in the country have failed.

The two warring armed forces have repeatedly used explosive weapons in urban areas that have claimed over 500 lives, injured thousands, caused property loss, and damaged critical infrastructure.

The ongoing fighting could disrupt the global supply chain and lead to the countrys economic collapse.

Sudan is Africas thirdlargest country, with a total area of 1,882,000 km2 and over 47 million inhabitants.

Fizzy drinks and candy manufacturers the world over should be worried.

Sudan, the worlds largest producer of gum arabic, is presently embroiled in intense clashes between the military and the countrys main paramilitary force.

Over 70 of the worlds gum arabic supply comes from the acacia trees of Sudan.

The country also borders the Sahel region and the Horn of Africa.


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