Afroselecta, Laxy BBK return with 5&6  (

Afroselecta, Laxy BBK return with 5&6 


Traversing Afrofusion, primarily Drill, Afrobeats, and RnB, this duo is set to leave their imprint in the annals of Nigerian music, with every bold release, including their latest feat, a 5tracker EP dubbed, 5amp6.

On 5amp6, they tap reigning Nigerian mavericks Odumodublvck, Reeplay, Tobii WTW, and Phaemous, on a carefully caressed melodic train that takes off across the moody plains of love, romance, and life.

On the standout record, Ama Luv You 2.0, AfroselectaBBK, the producer half of the duo, expresses his ingenuity on the Amapianopop fusion, giving room for the EP to glow for its sonic beauty.

While LaxyBBK proves his mettle as the African Pop Smoke, Reeplay, Tobii WTW, as well as Odumodublvck bring on their lyrical wits, which is one of the low hanging fruits on this playlist.

We are using this 2nd EP as a statement to our duo name 5 amp 6.

Its the era of fraternal duos once more in Nigerian music.


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