Private guard companies asked to monitor “disgruntled elements” threatening transition (

Private guard companies asked to monitor “disgruntled elements” threatening transition


The Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Ahmed Audi, on Thursday asked newly licensed private guard companies (PGCs) to contribute to national security by being vigilant while discharging their duties.


You are receiving your licence towards the end of a regime where we have some disgruntled elements threatening the unity and peace of this nation, so your first assignment is to be vigilant during this period, Mr Audi said during the presentation of licences to the firms.

Mr Audi said they should provide the Corps with information on suspicious gatherings and apply control measures in such situations, before the arrival of government security agencies.

You are expected, as a matter of compulsion, to turn in intelligence reports on a monthly basis.

Any one that is of urgent importance must be turned in immediately as companies shall be held responsible for any breach of security that occurs in their beats, the CG said.

He warned that unlicensed PGC operators will be arrested, prosecuted and their companies sanctioned.

The companies were issued operational licences to 44 new Private Guard Companies (PGC) at the NSCDC National headquarters, Sauka, Abuja.

According to Mr Audi, guards employed by PGCs will now undergo uniform training.

You are receiving your licence at the verge of the launch of a unified training curriculum which translates to guards being exposed to the same training, irrespective of their companies and location in Nigeria.

Therefore, your guards must be trained and certified at any of our colleges or accredited training centres before they are deployed.

The CG added that the Corps would only recognise PGCs based on their level of performance.

Mr Audi therefore charged the newly licensed PGCs to display high integrity in the discharge of their duties and be good ambassadors of the Corps.

You would have known, judging by the process, that we do not compromise, therefore, we shall not hesitate to wield the big hammer on any company whose directors deviate from these set standards, he added.



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