Obituary : Raymond Dokpesi, private media pioneer (

Obituary : Raymond Dokpesi, private media pioneer


He worked tirelessly to promote education, healthcare, and economic development in Nigeria, and his legacy will be felt for generations to come.

Under Dokpesis leadership, AIT brought a fresh perspective to Nigerian media and entertainment, providing a platform for the underrepresented and marginalized voices.

Through AIT, Dokpesi pioneered several innovative programs that were unprecedented in the Nigerian media industry.


Raymond Dokpesi, the Nigerian media mogul who transformed the countrys media landscape with his visionary leadership and unrelenting commitment to journalistic excellence, has passed away at the age of 71.

Born in Ibadan, Nigeria, in 1951, Dokpesi was a trailblazer in the field of media, founding the influential African Independent Television (AIT) network in 1996 and using his platform to champion the voices of the underrepresented and marginalized.

Through his unwavering dedication to truth and integrity, he helped to shape public opinion and hold those in power accountable, earning him a reputation as one of Nigerias most respected journalists.

But Dokpesis impact extended far beyond the media industry.

He inspired a generation of Nigerians who have gone on to become successful media professionals, business leaders, and social activists.

Dokpesis legacy in the Nigerian media and entertainment industry is one of excellence, innovation, and leadership.


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