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6 Best Task Manager Apps for iPhone & iPad (2023)


When looking for the best task manager apps for your iPhone or iPad, you have to make sure it’s an app that meets up with demands. While there are plenty of these apps on different app stores like Panda Helper, AppValley and TutuApp. Sometimes knowing which one to install can be a difficult task. Well, we’ve decided to make the search a bit less complicated with this article.

Task manager apps are designed to streamline workflow for almost every individual. These days we tend to stay organized and manage tasks efficiently, but that is easier said than done because we’re also quick to forget. Sometimes we need to prioritize tasks and the best to do is via a task manager app. They can work as a to-do list app and also reminder apps for paying bills and sorting other activities.

In this article, we’ve handpicked the best task manager apps for iOS and iPadOS. So if you’re a user of iPhone or iPad and you’re looking for a good task manager app. You’ll surely discover the right ones to download here at NaijaKnowHow. We’ve curated the right set of apps that’ll streamline workflow for you.

List of the Best Task Manager Apps for iPhone & iPad

Whether you’re looking for a task manager that has robust features, a nice interface and offers integration with note-taking apps. From the list below, you’ll surely discover the right one to meet your demands. These apps can be downloaded from the Apple Store for free, now let’s dive into the list of the best task manager apps out there.

1. Todoist

One of the best task manager apps for iPhone and iPad is Todoist and it is a very popular app you can download and install. With its clean and intuitive interface, Todoist allows you to create tasks, set due dates, and organize them into projects and subtasks. Aside from task management, Todoist also offers features like reminders, labels and priority levels. This feature will let you manage your tasks effectively. There’s a lot the Todoist app offers and it is also a cross-platform application. Whether you’re using your iPhone, iPad, or desktop computer, Todoist ensures that your tasks are synced in real-time.

When it comes to integration with other services, Todoist also allows users to integrate with other popular services. You can use Todoist app alongside Google Calendar, Slack and also cloud storage apps like Dropbox and so on. Another feature this app offers is collaboration, you can share projects and tasks with anyone. Todoist is an app you’ll enjoy using when it comes to managing tasks on iPhone and iPad.

2. Any.do

Any.do is a versatile task manager app that combines elegant design with powerful functionality. With its user-friendly interface, Any.do allows you to create tasks, set due dates, and organize them into projects and folders. If you’re looking for one of the best Wunderlist alternatives, Any.do is one of the best apps you can download. Some other features of Any.do include reminders, subtasks and attachments. It also offers integration with calendar apps, virtual assistant apps and so on. Using Any.do allow any individual to stay organized and focused on any task at hand. You can sync Any.do with popular platforms like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Alexa. This ensures that your tasks are easily managed and synced with your daily routine.

One of the coolest features of Any.do is the smart assistant feature. This feature provides intelligent suggestions based on your habits and priorities. Any.do also analyzes your task history and patterns to give your personalized recommendations. With such a feature, you’ll be able to optimize your productivity and manage your time effectively. Whether it’s suggesting the best time to complete a task or reminding you to follow up on an important email, Any. do’s smart assistant ensures that you stay on top of your tasks and commitments.

3. Things 3

Another app on the list is Things 3, it is a powerful task manager app that’ll let you manage and execute tasks easily. Thanks to its intuitive design and powerful functionality, you’ll surely get the best task management experience like never before. Things comes with a range of features that’ll streamline workflow for you. The app provides a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy to create tasks, set due dates, and organize them into projects and areas of focus. Things 3 has a feature called ‘Today’, this feature will let you prioritize the main task for today. You can easily drag and drop tasks into the Today view, ensuring that you have a clear picture of what needs to be accomplished.

In addition to task management features, Things also offers checklists, tags and recurring tasks to boost task management experience. You can categorize your tasks using tags, and create checklists to break down complex tasks into manageable steps. Simplicity and intuitive user experience make Things a suitable task management app. The app also offers integration with personal assistant apps like Siri, Google Assistant and so on.

4. OmniFocus

When looking for a task management app that can manage complex projects and juggle multiple responsibilities. You should make OmniFocus one of your favourite apps for such tasks. With its robust functionality and flexible design, OmniFocus allows you to capture tasks, set due dates, and organize them using tags, contexts etc.  One of the standout features of OmniFocus is its ability to support complex task management needs. The app allows you to create projects and subtasks, ensuring that you can break down larger tasks into more manageable components. In addition to task management, OmniFocus also allows users to assign tasks to specific contexts. You can assign tasks for home, work or errands.

You can set due dates, create recurring tasks, and add notes and attachments to provide additional context and information. Furthermore, OmniFocus supports Siri integration, allowing you to create tasks using voice commands. You can use Siri to add new tasks, set due dates, or mark tasks as completed. This makes it easy to capture your thoughts and tasks on the go.

5. 24me Smart Personal Assistant

24me Smart Personal Assistant is more than a task manager app. If you’re looking for an app that’ll help you manage your personal and professional life, 24me is the best option out there. This app comes with amazing features and it can also work as a personal assistant app. Whether you want to stay on top of your tasks, important events and appointment, 24me will help you manage them perfectly. The app offers a range of features to keep you organized and productive. You can create tasks, set reminders, and organize them into customizable lists and categories. One of the standout features of 24me is its ability to integrate with other apps and services.

You can sync 24me Smart Personal Assistant with your calendars, email and financial account. Sometimes, 24me is regarded as one of the best personal finance apps for smartphone users. 24me also offers smart notifications that provide real-time updates and reminders based on your location, time, and other relevant factors. Furthermore, 24me supports voice commands, allowing you to create tasks, set reminders, or schedule appointments using voice recognition. This hands-free approach makes it easy to add tasks on the go, whether you’re driving or engaged in other activities.

6. TickTick

TickTick also features task management capabilities and it is one of the most popular ones on the Apple Store. You’ll discover a lot of productivity tools that’ll help you stay organized and focused while using TickTick. Whether you want to create tasks, set due dates and organize them into lists or folders, TickTick handles all. One of the standout features of TickTick is its ability to provide a comprehensive overview of your tasks and schedule. The app offers a calendar view that allows you to visualize your tasks alongside your appointments and deadlines. It also works as a reminder app and it offers other features such as subtasks, recurring tasks and so on. Using this app, you’ll be able to set reminders for important tasks.

If you want to use TickTick for work activities, it also features collaboration. You’ll be able to share your tasks and list them with anyone. Which makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to work on a shared project. You can assign tasks, set deadlines, and communicate within the app, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page. The interface and user experience of TickTick make it an outstanding task manager app for Apple users. There are a lot of task management apps out there and TickTick is one of them.


In conclusion, these are the best task manager apps for iPhone and iPad. With these apps, you’ll be able to create and manage tasks effectively from your smartphone. Each app offers unique features that meet with users demands and expectations.

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