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7 Best Ambulance Simulator Games for Android/iOS (2023)


With the best ambulance simulator games for Android and iOS, you’ll experience what it feels like to be an ambulance driver. If you’ve ever imagined the feeling of driving ambulance vehicles during emergencies, there are games that’ll keep you thrilled.

Simulator games are always fun to play and because they cover different genres, there are different options for everyone. On Google Play Store and Apple Store, you’ll find different simulator games. From car driving simulator games to flight simulator games, these games let you experience the special feeling you want. But what if you want to drive an ambulance on busy roads, complete emergency tasks and all? Well, the ambulance simulator games below might just be what you need.

In this article on Naijaknowhow, you’ll discover the best ambulance simulator games for Android and iOS devices. These games allow players to experience the adrenaline rush of being on the frontline of medical emergencies. You’ll have to drive the ambulance to rescue and transport patients to the hospital. They’re mostly offline games with vibrant graphics and smooth controls. If you’ve played simulator games before, then you’ll know what to expect from these ambulance simulator games.

List of The Best Ambulance Simulator Games for Android & iOS

To get the feeling of an ambulance driver or worker, you only need to download these games on your Android or iPhone. They’re available on Google Play Store and Apple Store, you can also download them from TutuApp, Panda Helper and AppValley. If you’d also like to explore other categories of smartphone games, you can check for more articles on action, adventure, strategy, car racing, and boxing games from our gaming section. Now let’s explore the best ambulance simulator games for Android and iOS device below.

1. Emergency Ambulance Simulator

Emergency Ambulance Simulator is an amazing ambulance simulator game that makes sense to play on Android and iOS. This is a game where you’d experience high-pressuire world of emergency and medical services. In Emergency Ambulance Simulator, you’ll need to play the role of a driver who wants to make money by performing emergency tasks. You’ll have to respond to 911 calls and racing against time to rescue and transport patients to the hospital. With its realistic city environments and challenging missions, Emergency Ambulance Simulator delivers a true-to-life ambulance driving experience.

One of the unique features of this game is it’s heavy traffic. While driving your ambulance, you must avoid traffic when navigating through busy streets. The game’s smooth controls and responsive handling add to the overall realism and enjoyment. Furthermore, Emergencu Ambulance Simulator features different types of rescue missions. All these missions are meant to keep you engaged and entertained.


EMERGENCY HQ one of the best strategy games for mobile users. This game is not just based on ambulance simulator gameplay alone, it features emergency response gameplay in general. EMERGENCY HQ challenges players to manage various emergency services, including fire departments, police units, and of course, ambulances. As a player, you must build your own emergency department via deployed resources. There are different disasters and emergencies you’ll need to respond to.

The game’s diverse and challenging missions, coupled with its real-time strategy elements, offer a unique and captivating gameplay experience. One cool feature of this game is that there are different ways you can handle emergency responses. Players can respond to emergencies via helicopters, ambulance cars, fire fighter trucks, boats and so on. If you’re looking for one of the best ambulance simulator games, EMERGENCY HQ is one to download.

3. Real Ambulance Car Driving Sim

If you want to experience realistic ambulance simulation, Real Ambulance Car Driving Sim is one of the best games you can download. In this game, you’ll take the role of an emergency ambulance driver with a task to attend to all emergencies. This game comes with a realistic map and also great physics. There are quite a number of missions and accident sites present in Real Ambulance Car Driving Sim. The control system in Real Ambulance Car Driving Sim is quite different. Players can navigate via gyro, buttons and steering wheels.

Another cool feature is the dynamic weather system, the game presents day/night cycle and rainy weather. With its realistic 3D graphics and dynamic city environments, Real Ambulance Car Driving Sim offers a highly immersive and challenging gameplay experience. Furthermore, Real Ambulance Car Driving Sim offers a complete offline game that does not require internet connection.

4. American Ambulance Emergency S

One of the best ambulance simulator games is the American Ambulance Emergency S and it’s a game where you’ll discover series of rescue missions. With over 500 ambulance rescue missions, this game is arguably the best when it comes to entertainment. Coming with an offline gameplay features, you’ll get the best ambulance gameplay experience. Additionally, you can drive over 7 different ambulances, with each vehicle offering different features. There’s no limit on how many missions you can play in this game, it is completely free without any in-app purchases.

American Ambulance Emergency S also features realistic ambulance sirens, there are 3 different siren classes. The game also comes with dynamic weather system, you can complete missions during rainy, night and weather conditions. If you feel you have what it takes to be an ambulance driver, then this is the right game for you. The ultra HD graphics in the game also adds to it’s realism. So get your groove on and start letting the virtual city know that here’s a competent ambulance driver in town.

5. Rescue Ambulance American 3D

Another game on the list is Rescue Ambulance American 3D and it is an ambulance simulation game that sets in the heart of an American city. With its detailed city environments and realistic driving physics, Rescue Ambulance American 3D offers an immersive and challenging gameplay experience. The game’s engaging missions, including car accidents, fires, and medical emergencies, keep players on their toes. Similarly to other ambulance games, this game features a complete offline game alongside a realistic graphics display.

In Rescue Ambulance American 3D, you’ll need to navigate through the city of American and answer to different medical emergencies. You must must navigate through traffic, avoid obstacles, and reach accident scenes in record time to save lives. The game’s high-quality graphics and attention to detail, such as authentic ambulance designs and emergency lights, enhance the overall realism. In addition, you can play as many levels as you want, there are normal rescue missions and minigames available in Rescue Ambilance American 3D.

6. Doctor 911 Hospital Simulator

Doctor 911 Hospital Simulator is not fully based on ambulance simulation but it does feature some ambience rescue missions. This is a game that is filled with a lot medical emergency responses. You’ll be playing the role of an hospital doctor as well as an ambulance driver. While playing two roles, you must respond to emergency calls, drive the ambulance to rescue patients, and then shift gears to treat them in the hospital. The game’s diverse gameplay, from ambulance driving to medical treatments, offers a comprehensive and engaging experience.

One of the cool features is the colourful graphics and it’s engaging storyline. Compared to other ambulance simulator games, Doctor 911 Hospital Simulator will give you a real-ife medical simulation. You’ll experience the feeling of a doctor and also an ambulance driver. The game also allows players to treat patients while driving the ambulance, there’s an option to switch characters as well. Lastly, the graphics in Doctor 911 Hospital Simulator is perfect, making it the right ambulance simulator game you’ll love to play.

7. Ambulance simulator car games

In addition to the best ambulance simulator games, Ambulance simulator car games is another game you can play. One of the best features of the game is that there are over 15 different ambulance vehicles and that gives players different options of vehicles to drive. Most of these vehicles can be unlocked and can as well be upgraded. Whether you want to play offline rescue missions or different challenges, you’ll get them in this game. There’s an ambulance racing challenge where you can go head to head against an AI opponent on who will reach the emergency point faster.

Ambulance simulator car games also comes with a vibrant and dynamic city environments. The game’s diverse rescue missions, from car accidents to medical emergencies will keep you glued to your screen. You’re the driver, you must make quick decisions, and stay focused under pressure to succeed in the intense rescue missions. Another thing to note is the hectic traffics, you’ll find this feature in over 8 different cities. In terms of graphics and controls, the game offers smooth display and intuitive controls.


Ambulance simulation games offers nothing more than a realistic ambulance resque experience. With the right game installed on your Android or iOS device, you’ll play as many ambulance rescue missions as possible. From their unique ultra HD graphics to smooth controls, these games are the best ambulance simulator games.

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