META launches Code Llama for computer code writing. (

META launches Code Llama for computer code writing.


The launch of  Open AI’s ChatGPT last year marked the beginning of a  stir that has grown so rapidly into an undeniably loud buzz in the tech space. 

Tech giant’s,  businesses and enterprises have waded in,   exploring the AI market in their different capacities and unique ideas . each wanting different things.

Meta has  taken a step further in , with the launch of its newest AI tool  Code Llama,designed to assist in computer code writing. 

In a statement released today on its blog, the tech giant  said Code Llama is a  Large Language model   (LLM) that can use thuman text prompts to generate and discuss code. 

It is named ‘state-of-the-art for publicly available LLMs on coding tasks.” and has the potential to make workflows faster and more efficient for developers 

It  lowers the barrier to entry for people who are learning to code. 

 In helping programmers write more robust, well-documented software, it can be used  as both  a productivity and  an educational tool. 

According to the blogpost, Code Llama  is a code-specialized version of Llama 2 that was created by further training Llama 2 on its code-specific datasets, sampling more data from that same dataset for longer.”

Lama 2  is  one of the number of  free AI models that Meta has released this year.

With its enhanced coding capabilities, Code Llama  can generate code and natural language about code, from both code and natural language prompts 

 It can also be used for code completion and debugging. 

It is quite access and use  friendly as it  supports many of the most popular programming languages used today, including Python, C++, Java, PHP, Typescript (Javascript), C#, Bash and more.

Meta pointed out that the new AI model is presented in two  variations.

  •  Code Llama – Python , a   language specialized variation  , and
  •  Code Llama – Instruct ,  an instruction fine-tuned and aligned variation. 

Highlighting other details  , the statement mentioned different model sizes released.

” We are releasing three sizes of Code Llama with 7B, 13B and 34B parameters respectively “

Stating the purpose and expectations  of  the  AI model ,  the company said  Codet Llama is designed to support software engineers in all sectors — including research, industry, open source projects, NGOs and businesses.

While pointing. out that ” there are still many more use cases to support”, Meta established

 “hope”  that  “Code Llama will inspire others to leverage Llama 2 to create new innovative tools for research and commercial products.”

  Code Llama is free and released for both research and commercial use under the same community license as Llama 2.

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