UAE visa ban not yet lifted for Nigeria-Report

UAE visa ban not yet lifted for Nigeria-Report

However, a statement by the UAE government later Monday said both leaders had during the meeting, “explored opportunities for further bilateral collaboration” with the hope of “reinforcing ties between the UAE and Nigeria,” but did not mention lifting the visa ban or flights restarting.


In a notice last year, the UAE said it will no longer issue visas to citizens from Nigeria and 19 other African nations. It did not provide further details. Obtaining a 30-day tourist visa was relatively easy until the UAE abruptly stopped issuing visas to Nigerian nationals.

The United Arab Emirates has contradicted claims by the Nigerian government that it is to lift a year-long visa ban on travellers from Nigeria.

The government said in the statement that the agreement paved the way for lifting the visa ban, including the immediate resumption of flights between both countries.

According to CNN, the source asked not to be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media.

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