Ogun Governorship Tribunal Judgement is a Clear Evidence of Miscarriage of Justice (www.theinfostride.com)

Ogun Governorship Tribunal Judgement is a Clear Evidence of Miscarriage of Justice


The Ogun State Tribunal judgement was quoting copiously from the textbooks of the defense team without much pretensions, and seem not to be interested in the pamphlets of Justice submitted by the petitioner. One eye of the blind justice partially opened to read from the respondent’s books, while closing the other on the petitioners.

The Judgement might have been lost to the person who controls Ogun State’s purse but Justice will surely catch up at the Appeal. There is surely hope around the Men of Honour for the people of Ogun State. Adeleke in Osun lost at the tribunal in Osogbo, today he is the Governor of Osun State courtesy of the Justice delivered at the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. The case of Ogun State is not likely to be different in this matter.

I have followed the Ogun State Election Petition Tribunal closely and keenly since it started. I have written one or two pieces on them and for those who have followed my write-ups, I have hinted at these procurements of “technical judgements” merchandise.

Should Ladi Adebutu of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) expect to get Justice from a Tribunal? Definitely No! This is not lost on the facts available, but on what the Tribunal themselves is all about. There are usually scrambles for appointments into tribunal panels from states and those who get nominated or appointed are usually considered “lucky” by their other colleagues. I should wonder why.

Some of those who have read my earlier write-ups gave me a call about two weeks ago and said Ladi Adebutu should forget about winning at the tribunal. I asked why, but his allegations were too wild to be comprehended. He insinuated (too dangerous to be comprehended) that the lawyers of some of the respondents might be writing the Lead Judgement in the matter. I refused to accept or believe this. The allegation was that some members of the panel were approached for help and they insisted the matter was too watertight to be decided the other way, and to prove how difficult they asked the counsel to come up with his draft judgement. Even while submitting that, the judges were said to have laughed off the contents of the draft judgment, conceding that the judgement was too academic and it might be difficult to pass at the Court of Appeal. A lot of wild accusations fly in the political environment though.

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