SA “Facebook rapist” who escaped prison by faking his death, has been arrested (

SA “Facebook rapist” who escaped prison by faking his death, has been arrested

She is accused of aiding and abbeting his escape by procuring the corpse which Bester used to dupe prison officials and make his escape. (Image source Twitter)

In a story which has left most of the country in awe due to its brazen nature and numerous twists and turns, Magudumanas father was also arrested on murder charges related to the escape of Bester.

On Saturday March 26, South Africas department of correctional services issued a statement confirming that the body found charred beyond recognition on May 5 2022 was not that of Bester, meaning that he had indeed escaped from prison that fateful morning.

Thabo Bester, the infamous South African Facebook rapist who escaped from prison in May 2022 while serving a life sentence for rape and murder, has been arrested in Tanzania.

According to South African police, Bester, who escaped by tricking prison officials into thinking that he had committed suicide by self imolation then left the prison dressed as a warden, was arrested in Tanzania, 10 kilometres from the Kenyan border.

It has since been established that numerous highranking prison officials at the facility where he was incarcerated, some of whom have been charged, had been involved in helping Bester pull off his prison break.

His partner, medical doctor Nandipha Magudumana, was also arrested in Tanzania.

The pair were deported back to South Africa this morning to face charges.

Besters partner Nandipha Magudumana was also arrested in Tanzania.


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