Ex-Twitter CEO launches alternative app on Android (punchng.com)

Ex-Twitter CEO launches alternative app on Android

Jack Dorsey, the cofounder and exCEO of Twitter, has launched an alternative microblogging site available only on Android devices for now.

The alternative platform, Bluesky, promises to be a futurethinking social internet that allows users more choices and frees people from platforms.

The app is still in development and only available to access through an invite code.

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According to New York Post, Dorsey began working on Bluesky as a side project in 2019 with funding from Twitter.

Many users of Bluesky say the apps current beta version is similar to a pareddown copy of Twitter, Tech Crunch said.

However, demand for the exclusive app has been growing, and the platform reportedly has about 20,000 users in its current form.

In the nearest future, the app developers hope to give users algorithmic choice, which would allow them to choose how content is fed onto their screens, instead of a onefitsall algorithm controlled by the app developers.

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