Erecting shopping complex inside schools in need of classrooms (

Erecting shopping complex inside schools in need of classrooms

With just four buildings serving two primary schools, IFEDAYO OGUNYEMI reports on the decision by the AdoOdo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State to commence the construction of a shopping complex in the same school premises in AtanOta.

Though the plan of the AdoOdo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State to construct the proposed shopping complex inside the premises of NawairUdDeen Primary School I and II, AtanOta, has hit a brick wall after protests by some stakeholders and the intervention of the government, the move, no doubt, leaves a sour taste in the mouth of some residents and stakeholders.

Established in 1955 and 2015, the two NUD Primary Schools, which are both located along the OtaIdiroko highway, share four blocks of classrooms.

The other side (outer part) of the fence was sparsely decorated by makeshift shops and stalls where various commercial activities take place.

Checks by Sunday Tribune indicated that the three large trees with extended branches provided shed for pupils during school hours and other temporary users of the school field such as spectators of football competitions and voters who use the school as their designated polling units during the presidential election held on Saturday, February 25.

Apart from housing two schools and two polling units (02 and 19) in Atan (ward 6) of AdoOdo/Ota Local Government, the premises served as Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)s Registration Area Centre (RAC) where electoral materials were distributed and officers dispatched to various polling units within the ward during the general election.

The school field which occupies a vast section of the land not only serves as recreation spot for pupils of the two schools, but also for youths in the community who participate in various structured and unstructured football competitions. window.aries window.aries window.aries.v1 window.aries.v1 commands const aries window.aries.v1 aries.commands.push(() > const zoneId ‘7238’ const anchor document.getElementById(‘vidverto220384c5a71e46dd814afa69547f2b3f’) anchor.removeAttribute(‘id’) aries.mount(zoneId, anchor, width 720, height 405, ) ) )()>

At the edge of the school field and a few metres away from the highway lies a fivecoach perimeter fence which helps to demarcate the end of the schools property.


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