6 Top Tech Influencers in Nigeria (2023) (naijaknowhow.net)

6 Top Tech Influencers in Nigeria (2023)


This listicle provides an answer to the question by revealing the top technologyfocused influencers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and others.

With each passing day, the wind of technology brings about new changes and gives more credence to its dominance in the global community.

This implies that tech influencers create relevant content, engage people and regularly have open discussions on technology so as to help people discover and experience new technology products.

Table of Contents List of the Best Technology Influencers in Nigeria1.

Oscarmini (Oscar Frank)Connect With Oscar FrankConclusion (Tech Influencers in Nigeria)


    • List of the Best Technology Influencers in Nigeria
    • Conclusion (Tech Influencers in Nigeria)
      • 1. Fisayo Fosudo
      • 2. MissTechy (Tobi Ayeni)
      • 3. Eric Okafor
      • 4. Henry O
      • 5. Valor Reviews
      • 6. Oscarmini (Oscar Frank)
        • Connect With Fisayo Fosudo
        • Connect With MissTechy
        • Connect With Eric Okafor
        • Connect With Henry Okwuenu
        • Connect With Valor Reviews
        • Connect With Oscar Frank


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