10 Ways Digital Technology Can Transform Your Business (ceoworld.biz)

10 Ways Digital Technology Can Transform Your Business


Now with the prevalence and affordability of AI tools, theres never been a better time for SMBs to join in on this trend.

These are just some of the ways technology is revolutionizing small businesses.

For SMBs, approximately half experienced a dramatic pivoting in their business models by November 2020 year to keep up with changed customer demands or survive financially whats more astounding is that this trend continues 62 are maintaining those changes into 2021 for continued success.

Simultaneously, remote working has become increasingly commonplace from 6, its projected that 2530 of US workers will work remotely full/parttime postpandemic

Manage ProjectsTechnology has revolutionized the way business owners and leaders stay on top of projects.

At the same time, it offers a free trial version, so it will cost you nothing to try the product.

Use of Productivity AppsBusiness owners and managers that take advantage of todays cuttingedge productivity applications can experience improved efficiency at a lower cost.


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