How to Make Concoction Rice – Phyna Shares Her Recipe (

How to Make Concoction Rice – Phyna Shares Her Recipe


Phyna, the wellknown winner of Season 7 of Big Brother Naija, has recently treated her fans to another exciting episode of her captivating vlog series, titled Whats Phyna Cooking In this highly anticipated release, the reality TV star goes above and beyond to provide a comprehensive stepbystep guide on preparing a mouthwatering Nigerian delicacy known as concoction rice or colloquially referred to as accident rice.

Embracing her passion for cooking, Phyna takes her viewers on a culinary adventure, unveiling the secrets behind this beloved homemade dish.

Its unique blend of flavours and diverse ingredients has become a staple on dining tables across the country.

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Phynas latest vlog episode is a true feast for the senses.

Phynas attention to detail is commendable, as she advises on the ideal ricetowater ratio and shares valuable tips on achieving the desired consistency for the dish.



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