This SA legaltech startup wants to make legal services easily accessible (

This SA legaltech startup wants to make legal services easily accessible


In essence, everything we do is geared towards making legal resources more widely available and readily accessible to everyone in the country, and eventually, in Africa and on a global platform at some point.

Its really about saying that the law is the one thing that applies to all of us and making it as easy as possible for people to be able to talk to a lawyer and just get good legal help when they find themselves in tricky situations.

TC How much traction would you say the offering has garnered since launch

KP At the moment, we have onboarded over 1,500 users on the app.

The number of lawyers that have signed up is higher than that, but we have very stringent verification processes on the app, so youll only appear in the directory if we verify you on our side because we always want to ensure that users are talking to verified vetted lawyers at all stages.

Weve also gotten quite a lot of visibility since we started, which has been great in terms of increasing brand awareness and getting people to know about the app.

So all in all, I think traction is going well. Pitching at Harvard Business School. (Image source Provided)

TC What challenges have you faced in scaling Legal Standpoint and how did you traverse through those challenges

KP The first one is that the legal industry is not the most receptive to legal technologies, so just getting through to lawyers and getting them to see and adopt technology and see the advantage that it could have for them, and how it could aid them in doing the work has been a bit of an uphill battle.


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