HBO's 'Succession' Will Live Forever in Memes (

HBO's 'Succession' Will Live Forever in Memes

But what story will its memes tell

Maris Kreizman is a writer and podcaster who recaps the show on Twitter by encouraging people to tag yourself in tonights episode. She traces her adoration back to a second season episode about Vaulter, a fictional Gawker/Vicelike entity that the Roys capriciously destroy. Kendall fires the entire staff off, and afterward he walks into a bodega, steals a pack of batteries, and then throws the batteries in the trash, Kreizman sums up. Having dealt with multiple media companies that treat their employees like trash, I had never identified with an inanimate object as I did that pack of batteries. She tagged herself as the batteries and then just kept on tagging.

Interestingly, Kreizman isnt the onlySuccession mememaker to say that the destruction of Vaulter was the moment they fell in love.

Perhaps counterintuitively,Successions depiction of the workings of the digital media industry as ruthless and inane has actually motivated real digital media workers to actively interact with the show online.

Writing for Polygon, Gita Jacksondescribed the shows online fan community as fiercely dedicated to the fates of these fictional lives and ascribed that dedication to one major through line On platforms like Twitter and Tumblr, fans of the show analyze trailers frame by frame and discuss their hopes and dreams for the characters.

It’s a testament to the quality of the writing and the specific style of the show that nearly every episode provides an alltime oneliner, the kind perfect for a GIF or image macro.

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