Tribunal strikes out Atiku’s petition (

Tribunal strikes out Atiku’s petition


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This is as the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal struck out several paragraphs of the petition he relied upon to push for Tinubu’s removal.

The Tribunal held that the wrongful mode adopted by the PDP’s presidential candidate in the construction of the petition made several paragraphs of the petition liable for striking out for want of merit.

Delivering ruling in some objections argued by Chief Wole Olanipekun, SAN, on behalf of Tinubu, Justice Moses Ugoh held that several parts of Atiku’s petition have no legs upon which they can stand and survive, hence, not competent.

Atiku’s petition was also faulted on the ground that it introduced several facts and allegations in unlawful ways that caught the respondents unaware, adding that the tactic employed was unfair and made him clever by half.

Like the fate that befell his counterpart in the Labour Party’s Peter Obi, the court said several facts fundermentally required to support the petition were not provided by Atiku.

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