I became fitness trainer to keep fit – Kemen (punchng.com)

I became fitness trainer to keep fit – Kemen


I was a fitness trainer then. As a matter of fact, the reason I went to BBN was to sell my brand in Lagos. I was in my hometown in Akwa Ibom State. I had a small space for what I wanted to achieve then.

I was influenced by my decision to safeguard my health. Before I became a personal trainer, I used to work at a very hazardous company. Instead of looking for another job, I felt I should use the opportunity to take care of my health, because my former workplace had a bad care system for its workers. My way of helping myself after leaving that job was to embrace fitness.

My other achievements are achieving financial security. The people I have met in my line of duty are secondary for me. The endorsements that come with it are secondary for me. My primary achievements are the impacts of my work on my clients, being able to employ people, and being responsible for other people’s livelihood. I have also got some awards, and recognition for my works. In addition, I am a certified master trainer for a company that sells equipment and digital technologies for fitness, sport and health.

First, the terrain is a challenge. The fitness business is still growing in Nigeria. I did not move into a structured industry. It is our (fitness trainers) responsibility to structure it.

First, one has to check if one’s client is medically, mentally and physically ready. One has to check if one has cardiovascular issues, and also check one’s capacity level. Besides, a fitness trainer has to know the level one has to stop. It all depends on what one wants to do.

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