Garba Idris Resigns As Director-general Of FEMA (

Garba Idris Resigns As Director-general Of FEMA


Abbas Garba Idriss, the director general of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), has given notice of his departure from the position.

Idriss, who has served as the agency’s director general since the agency’s inception in 2013, made the announcement yesterday at the 22nd management meeting of FEMA. He also noted that this was his final meeting in that capacity.

According to him, as the first director general, he made sure that management and staff were able to nurse the agency from its founding in 2013 to one of the best among its peers in Nigeria through stoic perseverance, unusual vision, and a strong will to succeed despite the numerous difficulties that are typical of newly established organizations, which in most cases frequently result in their demise.

“Within this period, we have been able to build a network of over 10,000 volunteers, community vanguard, and disaster marshals across the six area councils of the FCT and train them year in and year out to improve their capacities as first responders to emergencies in their respective communities.

“This is as part of our conviction that it is better to prevent disasters or mitigate their impact rather than giving our relief assistance to affected persons,” he said.

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