What to Do as a Final Year Uni Student Before Leaving Campus [Checklist] (graduatecoach.co.uk)

What to Do as a Final Year Uni Student Before Leaving Campus [Checklist]


Navigating through your final year at university elicits a whirlwind of emotions and a heap of responsibilities. Whether you are about to dive into the working world, planning to travel, or contemplating other ventures, there are several crucial tasks to complete before bidding farewell to your university days. This guide aims to assist final-year students in the UK by providing a comprehensive checklist to smoothly transition from campus life.

Your university’s international student office can be a valuable resource during this transition period. They offer support and guidance on a range of issues, including visa advice, travel planning, and accessing alumni networks. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance, as these services are designed to support you in navigating the complexities of international student life and transitioning smoothly into the next phase of your journey.

Throughout your university journey, your computer has undoubtedly stored a wealth of essays and projects. It is wise to safeguard these valuable pieces by saving them to reliable platforms like external hard drives or cloud storage services. Not only might these documents prove beneficial for future job applications, but they also serve as cherished reminders of your hard work and accomplishments.

With graduation looming, your student email account faces potential deactivation. Prioritise saving significant emails and crucial documents that have been sent or received through this account to avoid losing indispensable information.

Many students often overlook remaining print credits. If you have unused credits, consider printing important or useful documents before these credits expire.

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