Dril and other Twitter power users begin campaign to 'Block the Blue' paid checkmarks (mashable.com)

Dril and other Twitter power users begin campaign to 'Block the Blue' paid checkmarks

And, after missing the originally scheduled date on April 1, yesterday Musk finally removed the blue checkmark from all accounts unless they opted to pay for it via the 8 per month Twitter Blue service.

There are up to about 630,000 subscribers to Twitter Blue at this time, according to independent research Travis Brown, who has been tracking the data(opens in a new tab).

Now, that it’s finally happened though, the campaign to “Block the Blue” that is, any user still with a blue checkmark which signifies they are paying Musk for it is in full swing.

“99 of twitter blue guys are deadeyed cretins who are usually trying to sell you something stupid and expensive, and now they want to pay a monthly subscription fee to boost their dog shit posts front and center,” Twitter user dril told me in an email when I asked about his thoughts on the BlockTheBlue campaign.

“blocking them and encouraging others to do the same on a massive scale is the complete opposite of what they want,” he continued. “Its funny.”

That’s big coming from dril(opens in a new tab).

Beast, and dril.

“I am actively rooting for the downfall of twitter,” dril tells me. “I hope to sabotage their efforts to become profitable, no matter how futile, in the hopes that they will eventually close up shop and release us all from this toilet.”

Despite 15 years of apparent neutrality, dril was one of the earliest and certainly biggest Twitter users to encourage those on the platform to block anyone with a paid bluecheck.This account that was once all about pure comedy is now at the center of a protest movement.

“absolutely block on sight,” dril tweeted(opens in a new tab) back in November, when Musk’s Twitter Blue first launched.

His content empowered him to cocreate an Adult Swim show. dril has built a following of more than 1.76 million followers just with his funny Twitter posts over the years and he’s done it almost completely anonymously he finally confirmed(opens in a new tab) his identity just earlier this month. Tweet may have been deleted(opens in a new tab)

To stress how important dril is to Twitter, let’s put it this way Last month, Platformer reported(opens in a new tab) on a secret “VIP” list of just 35 popular accounts that Musk wanted to promote(opens in a new tab) to users via the algorithm to encourage more use of the platform.


    • The checkmark stands for something very different now

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