NFL’s Damar Hamlin at HIMSS23: ‘We have to keep doing the work’ (

NFL’s Damar Hamlin at HIMSS23: ‘We have to keep doing the work’

Im thankful that they took the time out to make sure that theyre taking care of us.

Since his recovery, Hamlin has leapt into advocacy work around CPR education and wider AED access, the tools that saved his life.

Ive been doing a lot of keeping up with the American Heart Association, traveling the world and just trying to make my impact there and affect everyone, he said. I want to promote CPR for all of the youth football leagues and all the places in my hometown of Pittsburgh, and maybe in the Cincinnati and Buffalo areas.

We were in a great situation with Damar, having skilled medical personnel and lifesaving equipment at the ready to help resuscitate him, said Earnest. Hes trying to give people the same opportunity to access that he had.

People can pull up their chart online very easily personally, and their family can too.

He added People need to be able to have their information, but we also need to make sure we inform them about what that information means.

Everyone who was a part of my care team was making a point to make sure I understood everything that was going on and that I knew exactly what I was going to do for each test, what testing was doing, said Hamlin.

So now hes paying it forward with his advocacy and charity.

Im putting that in the work.

Sugrue note that on average, theres about 30 medical personnel at a given NFL matchup, and the league requires them to huddle before each game inan hourlong discussion to coordinate with teams and prep for any medical possibilities.

Before his incident, Hamlin didnt realize those protocols were even in place.

I only learned afterwards that two hours before were even out there on the field, theyre going through every situation of what can happen, what could possibly go wrong, and what are the chances of something actually being as severe as my situation, he said.

But thats why proper preparationit gives proper performance.

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