Nigeria and the next National Assembly (

Nigeria and the next National Assembly


It is thus expected that through its additional powers of approval and oversight functions, the legislature will work to curb the excesses of the executive arm of government, especially in situations where retiredpoliticianshave hijacked the democratic process, having in their primetasted power and are not unwilling to hand over to others.These factors have shot the legislature into national focus, especially the leadership.

The National Assembly is a bicameral legislature consisting of 109 members of the Senate and 360 members of the House of Representatives, modelled after the federal Congress of the United States and meant to guarantee equal representation.

Some have posited that zoning, faith and gender should play major roles in the recruitment process, given the composition of the leadership of the major political parties.Deliberately and without mincing words, the framers of the Constitution established the Legislature as the First Arm of government, because law is needed to define all other aspects of human existence.

The three arms of government are expected to operate independently and complimentarily, not dependent upon or patronizing, in the manner that the 9thAssembly has carried on.No doubt it is good to have a responsible legislature for the purpose of harmonization and development but when it gets to the level where the executive is always right, then such level of dubious cooperation should worry all lovers of true democracy.


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